Clearance Specials
  • Abrasive Blasting Systems Pots
  • Schmidt™ Bulk Abrasive Blasting Systems

    Schmidt™ bulk blasters are designed to maximize the cost savings of volume production. These high productivity blasting systems feature multi-outlet Thompson Valve™ controls that allow each operator independent control of his abrasive media flow. They include the same safety and performance features as other Schmidt abrasive blasters.

    Standard bulk systems include 120, 160, 500, 650, and 800 cu. ft. models. Optional trailers are available for 120 and 160 cu. ft. systems. Custom designs are available to meet your specific requirements.

    • Safest industry design; features normally closed fail-safe valves and controls
    • Designed to provide the industry's lowest pressure drop, resulting in higher productivity
    • Low maintenance design minimizes downtime
    • 125 psi ASME code vessel; higher pressure systems available
    • Ladder allows easy access to closure
    • 10" quick-opening camlock closure requires less maintenance and provides for easier loading
    • 12" x 16" manway for easy access
    • Full-load lifting eyes for easier transport
    • Optional moisture separator for even abrasive flow