Clearance Specials
  • Blast Machines and Remote Controls

    Rugged, Reliable, Proven

    More than fifty years of reliable field service have made Clemco blast machines the preferred equipment for industrial blasting and painting contractors.

    Clemco machines are built tough to endure real world use. With wear-parts positioned for quick replacement, Clemco blast machines virtually eliminate downtime, so they spend more time at the job site; less time in the shop.

    Choose from 1/2-cu. ft. to 20-cu. ft. capacity, in portable or stationary models - blast machine only or machine system.

    Take the guesswork out of buying a blast machine by ordering a complete system, which includes the blast machine, remote controls, nozzle, couplings, blast hose, Apollo helmet, air filter, and spare parts - everything but the compressed-air components and abrasive.

  • CLEMCO Bulk Abrasive Blast Machines

    • Safety
    • Reliable Performance
    • High Productivity
    Clemco Big Clem multi-outlet, bulk abrasive blast machines are rugged, reliable, and efficient. Designed for large jobs, where multiple blast operators are needed, the Big Clem offers the convenience of a large supply of abrasive, loaded at one time, ensuring more blast on time, and saving the time and labor of refilling smaller machines.

    Big Clems are available in three standard sizes: 60, 120, and 160 cubic feet abrasive capacity and, depending upon the model, for up to four blast operators. Units are rated 150 psi working pressure. Each model is available as stationary, yard towable, or highway towable to suit the application.

    Each operator station is fitted with Auto-Quantum (pneumatic or electric) pressure-hold remote controls, which allow each operator to start and stop independent of the others. The Quantum is an all-media valve, making it possible to switch between expendable mineral or slag abrasives to steel grit as necessary. Pneumatic remote controls are best when the blast hose is 100 feet or shorter; beyond 100 feet electric remotes are recommended to minimize the response time at the nozzle for beginning or stopping blasting.

  • BNP 65 Suction Blast Cabinet
  • Tumble Belt Cabinets
  • BNP 250 & 260 Wetblast Cabinets

    ZERO BNP Wetblast cabinets deliver affordable, dust-free media blasting to efficiently clean and finish all kinds of parts. The wetblast process produces a smooth surface, a bright shine, and does not produce static electricity common in dry blast operations.

    Industries Served

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive Manufacturing
    • Automotive Rebuilding
    • Aircraft Component Manufacturing
    • Rapid Prototype Services
    • Medical Instrument Fabrication
    • Public Utilities
    • Military
    Commonly Processed Parts
      Glass Bead: Rapid-prototype master models & cast polyurethane parts, Semiconductors, Microprocessor & Electronic components, Jewelry, Stainless Steel Medical Instruments, Oxygen Compressors, Aircraft Components, Water Meters

      Aggressive Media: Titanium parts for removal of heat scale or oxidation, Automotive air compressor parts, Engine parts