Clearance Specials
  • Clemco-Rubber-Jacketed-Nozzles

    Blast nozzle with venturi shaped tungsten carbide liner, natural rubber jacket, dual-compound hard rubber threads. Thread size and entry dimensions vary with nozzle series. Includes one nozzle washer.

    A blast nozzle accelerates the air and abrasive as the mixture exits the end of the hose. The taper and length of the nozzle's inlet and outlet determine the pattern and velocity of the abrasive exiting the nozzle. The composition of the liner material determines its resistance to wear.

    Description of Operation
    The operator inserts the nozzle washer into a holder and screws in the nozzle, turning it by hand, until it seats firmly against the washer.
    With all related equipment correctly assembled and tested, the operator points the nozzle toward the surface to be cleaned and presses the remote control handle to begin blasting. The operator holds the nozzle and moves it smoothly at a rate that produces the desired cleanliness. Each pass should overlap slightly.

    The operator must replace the nozzle once the orifice wears 1/16-inch beyond its original size.

    Packaging: Boxed individually

  • Nozzles & Nozzle Holders
  • NHP Nylon Nozzle Holders

    Fiber-reinforced Nylon nozzle holder for abrasive blast cleaning - with Contractor threads.

    The Clemco fiber-reinforced Nylon nozzle holder attaches to the end of a blast hose and holds a contractor-thread blast nozzle.

    Description of Operation
    The blast hose must be cut squarely and cleanly. The nozzle holder is installed with the screws provided. These screws penetrate the outer wall, but not the inner wall of the blast hose.
    In operation, the air pressure inside the blast hose helps hold the nozzle holder securely in place.
    A nozzle washer must be placed on the shoulder inside the nozzle holder to prevent premature wear and failure, of both the holder and the nozzle, from high speed abrasive.

    Note: For safe, efficient blasting, read & follow the owner's manual and seek training for everyone who will use this equipment.

    Ships loose

  • Kennametal 45/60/120 Degree Double/Quadruple Outlet Angle Nozzles

    These nozzles are excellent for getting inside tight places like bridge lattice, behind flanges or inside pipe. Many operators waste abrasive and time waiting for ricochet to get the job one. No nozzle tool chest should be without an angle nozzle. These nozzles are available in tungsten carbide, boron carbide, and ROCTEC® featuring long life blast outputs between 0º and 125º relative to the input openings. Available with single, double, triple, or quadruple outlets.