Clearance Specials
Cartridges effectively trap and remove impurities with little pressure loss. The supplied-air enters the compressor at inlet connector (A), travels through 6 layers of filter material, and exits outlet connector (B). Filter materials work in sequence to trap and hold water, oil, particulates, odors, and organic vapors so that cleaner air is delivered to workers or equipment.
  1. Water is removed by condensation of air in outer cylinder
  2. Carded cotton removes particulates
  3. Activated alumina adsorbs oil and moisture
  4. Activated charcoal removes odors and moisture
  5. Felt material removes particulates
  6. Carded cotton removes particulates
  7. Respiratory felt at final stage acts as a final filter before air is transferred to worker or air driven tools
Unit of Measure



N/A Bullard®


N/A Airline Cartridge

Shipping Weight

N/A 1 Pound