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Rugged, Reliable, Proven

More than fifty years of reliable field service have made Clemco blast machines the preferred equipment for industrial blasting and painting contractors.

Clemco machines are built tough to endure real world use. With wear-parts positioned for quick replacement, Clemco blast machines virtually eliminate downtime, so they spend more time at the job site; less time in the shop.
Choose from 1/2-cu. ft. to 20-cu. ft. capacity, in portable or stationary models - blast machine only or machine system.
Take the guesswork out of buying a blast machine by ordering a complete system, which includes the blast machine, remote controls, nozzle, couplings, blast hose, Apollo helmet, air filter, and spare parts - everything but the compressed-air components and abrasive.

Blast Machine Construction
  • Pressure vessels built to ASME code.
  • Concave head stores abrasive for loading.
  • Conical bottom ensures smooth abrasive flow and complete emptying.
  • Large inspection door for access to the interior.
  • Wear-resistant urethane-coated pop-up valve seals tight and lasts longer.
Blast Machines for Industrial Applications
Stationary models are suitable for industrial use in blast rooms or for other applications requiring a large volume, yet economical, blast machine. Stationary machines adapt to fixed sites or to custom truck (or trailer) mounted systems.
Unit of Measure





N/A 36 in


N/A 61 in

Std. Working Pressure

N/A 125 psi


N/A 10 ft³


N/A Stationary

Piping (I.D.)

N/A 1 1/4 in
ACS Option1 N/A Available

Remote Controls Pneumatic or Electric

N/A Pneumatic or Electric TLR 300 or Sentinel

Metering Valve

N/A FSV Sentinel

Pop-up Valve & O-ring

N/A 02325 03699

Remote Controls

N/A Remote control systems have valves matched in size to the blast machine piping. Remote Control System styles vary to suit the blasting operation or application. Pneumatic Remote Controls work best with blast hose lengths up to 100 ft.; and Electric Remotes, powered electro-pneumatically, are for hose lengths greater than 100 ft.

Machine Piping Size Pressure-Release Pressure-Release with ACS Pressure-Hold Pneumatic or Electric
Pneumatic Electric Pneumatic Electric Pneumatic Electric
1/2" TLR50           Pneumatic only
1" TLR 100 EAC 100 or EDC 100 TLR 100C EAC 100C or EDC 100C     Pneumatic or electric
1 1/4" TLR 300 EAC 300 or EDC 300 TLR 300C EAC 300C or EDC 300C Sentinel Remote Controls
Single and dual operator systems available, Consult distributor for details.
Pneumatic or electric

Piping Size:
Size varies with pressure vessel capacity. Choose larger diameter piping for high production operations.

Pressure-Release Remotes:
Pressurize/depressurize machine by pressing/releasing handle - simplest system to operate.

Pressure-Release with Abrasive Cut-off:
Allows the operator to stop the flow of abrasive to blow off the surface after blasting.

Pressure-Hold Remotes:
Keep the blast machine under pressure for frequent starting and stopping.

  • 1 ACS is an optional accessory for remotes with Sentinel metering valves.