Clearance Specials
1.5 cu. ft. vessel with 1" piping, 3/4" blast hose and No. 3 nozzle. Portable blaster with pneumatic remote controls, ComboValve, MV2, 55' twinline control hose, G2 Deadman control, and moisture separator, 50' blast hose assembly, nozzle holder, a long venturi blast nozzle and a NOVA 2000 NIOSH approved type CE respirator with 50' air supply hose kit and an airline filter.
Unit of Measure



N/A 1.5 ft³


N/A 1 in

Hose Size

N/A 3/4 in

Nozzle Size

N/A 3 in

Shipping Weight

N/A 216 lb


N/A Package "C"