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CALIPSO Ambient Air Pump with TEFC Motor, is a cost-effective alternative to a breathing-air compressor. It provides an oil-free air supply for low-pressure, type CE, supplied-air respirators used for abrasive blasting or for any NIOSH approved continuous flow hood or helmet-style respirator approved to operate at 10 psi or less.

CALIPSO Ambient Air Pump conveys breathing air from a clean environment outside the work area to a low-pressure type CE supplied-air respirator worn by an operator inside the blast environment or work zone. The oil-less pump moves the air from a clean-air environment to the respirator without introducing oil, carbon monoxide, or other contaminants.
  • Air flow output: 9 cfm at 10 psi
  • V4 hp thermally protected 110/115-volt motor
  • Oil-free air pump with Vs" NPT inlet and outlet
  • Adjustable pressure-relief valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Inlet Filter: Multi-layer disposable cloth element with wire inner and outer support
  • Outlet Filter: activated charcoal
Note: For safe, efficient blasting, read & follow the owner's manual and seek training for everyone who will use this equipment.
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