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CLEMCO durable, reinforced 2-braid medium weight blast hose, rated at 175 psi working pressure.

Two-braid hose is used in industrial settings where external scuffing is expected.
It can be used with all common blast media.
CLEMCO 2-braid blast hose has a durable outer casing and is more flexible than 4-ply hose.

Description of Operation
CLEMCO 2-braid blast hose accepts properly sized couplings and nozzle holders.
The coupled hose can attach to any blast machine rated at up to 150 psi.
Two-braid hose is widely used in shipyards and railyards because it stands up to external abrasions from being dragged about the blast site.
For applications where 2-braid blast hoses are used (for their more durable outer casing), a 10 to 15 foot length of Clemco Supa hose can be connected as the last section before the nozzle.
This whip hose is easier for the operator to bend and manuever.

Note: For safe, efficient blasting, read and follow the owner's manual and seek training for everyone who will use this equipment.

Ships coiled and shrink wrapped.
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