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Whatever your industry or application, Kleen Blast sources ensure an ample supply of high-performance garnet abrasives. Quick response and on-time delivery are provided by Kleen Blast regional distribution centers in Southern California.

Higher Productivity, Lower Costs
Garnet abrasives are harder, heavier and more durable than other blasting abrasives. Garnet abrasives cut faster and recycle efficiently, significantly increasing productivity while reducing consumption of the abrasive media as well as the costs to handle it, collect it and dispose of it.

Superior Surface Quality
Blasting with garnet abrasives produces a super clean surface with a uniform profile that is virtually free of particle embedment. A clean surface and uniform profile result in better coating adhesion and longer coating life.

Low Dusting, Safe to Use
Garnet is a 100% natural, inert mineral containing <1% free silica. Our garnet poses little to no health or environmental risks. Garnet produces less dust than many other blasting abrasives, resulting in improved operator visibility, less disruption to adjoining work areas, and safer working conditions. Our garnet abrasives meet all current industry standards and are certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for permissible dry outdoor blasting.

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GA5530/40 N/A 30/40 - Medium Blend $40.00 Add To Cart
GA5580 N/A 80 - Fine Blend $40.00 Add To Cart
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