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Cleans, degreases, and strips using soda and other lightweight media

The soft king uses bicarbonate of soda and other lightweight media to quickly and gently clean delicate surfaces in an environmentally-sensitive way. When using bicarbonate of soda, the process will not scratch or etch steel, glass, ceramics. concrete, and most hard plastics. Bicarbonate of soda is non-toxic and water-soluble, making it safe to use for many applications, including food processing plant maintenance. In fact, using baking soda - without additives does not require kosher supervision. And, the soda residue can be conveniently rinsed into existing drains. The added benefit of wet blasting eliminates the dust normally associated with dry blasting.
Portable, Compact, and Easy to Operate
The go-anywhere Soft King loads quickly into a van or truck. Its built-in ergonomic cart houses plumbing, water pump (when equipped), and pressure controls. Its compact size allows it to pass through standard door openings. A single operator can set up, load with media, and operate the Soft King. Learning basic operation takes just minutes.

Versatile Two-Mode Operation
The Aerolyte Soft King combines Clemco’s proven blasting technologies with new ideas into a unique package that offers unsurpassed convenience. The Soft King functions as two machines combined into one. When equipped with optional Wetblast Injector System, the machine can operate in either wet- or dry-mode, whichever the application demands. Blasting contractors, cleaning contractors, industrial facility owners, and rental outlets benefit from the versatility of a single machine to pull double-duty on a moment’s notice. The 60-degree conical bottom enhances the flow of lightweight media, but works just as well with conventional abrasives.

Powerful Cleaning Action
The Soft King operates at pressures from 5 psi to 150 psi to suit the application. Use low pressure to clean oil and grease from in-plant equipment with no splash back. Use medium pressure to peel away heavy build-up of contamination from industrial motors, equipment, and work surfaces. Use high pressure to strip coatings and loosely adhering surface contamination.

Complete Control and Consistent Results
The Soft King’s unique internal agitation system keeps media flowing smoothly at any pressure and any feed rate and completely evacuates the machine, lengthening the cycle between refills. The Soft King’s built-in controls ensure optimal results every time. Four independent sets of pressure regulators and gauges control line pressure, vessel pressure, water pressure (when equipped), and media agitation speed. Clearly marked and centrally located controls and gauges are easily accessible for convenient adjustment. Control knobs are easy to operate; they pull to rotate, and push to lock.

Dust-free Wet Blast Machine
When purchased with optional wet blast system, the Soft King eliminates the dust normally generated by dry blasting. The operator easily adjusts the amount of water injected at the nozzle with a simple turn of the knurled knob located on the adaptor at
the nozzle. And everything operates on air pressure – so there’s no need for electric power.
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