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CORN COB blasting media is a safe blasting media for delicate parts in many applications, in addition to use as the preferred blasting grit for log homes and other wood surfaces.
Corn cob grit abrasive will remove surface contamination, debris and coatings with little to no impact on the substrate.
It's a biodegradable, organic blasting media that is obtained from the hard woody ring of the cob.
It's also resistant to breakdown and can be re-used multiple times in the blasting process.
Corn cob is available in a variety of grit sizes and presents no health or environmental hazards.
Virtually dust-free blasting with no sparking leaves a clean and dry surface.
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CC5010/14 N/A #10/14 Coarse Corn Cob Blasting Grit N/A #10/14 Coarse N/A 50 lb N/A Bag $55.00 Add To Cart
CC5020/40 N/A #20/40 Medium Corn Cob Blasting Grit N/A #20/40 Medium N/A 50 lb N/A Bag $55.00 Add To Cart
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